Who we are?

Gallaecia in Armis is a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) salle.

We practice western combat systems approaching them as a martial art, rather than a sport: our aim is not to score points and win competitions, but to learn techniques that would allow you to survive a real encounter. We approach this activity in a safe and modern way.

Adaga - Fotógrafo: José Canedo 2014

We use adequate protections (fencing masks, gloves, padded jackets) and historical weapon simulators (swords, shields, daggers, pole weapons) with the correct size and weight. We also practice empty hand combat.

We learn from fight treatises written centuries ago by authors who lived and died through the weapons we train, or from living traditions that reached our days:  Jogo do PauKunst des Fechtens or Verdadeira Destreza  are some examples.

We are not, therefore, a sports fencing salle, or a re-enactment society. Neither is stage fencing our main activity, although we do apply occasionally our combat knowledge to teaching short-term stage combat seminars to the general public.