Support us!

Gallaecia in Armis is a collective effort: dozens of people contribute time, work, knowledge, money and resources to make it possible.

→ The best way to support us is to attend one (or several!) of our programmed regular lessons, or occasional seminaries.

→ If you have some skill or knowledge related to HEMA that you can contribute to Gallaecia, you can contact us to see how you can fit in our activities.

One-time donation

You can donate any quantity to Gallaecia in Armis through PayPal, by clicking on the following button:

Become Protector of the Realm Gallaecia in Armis!

People who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t take part in our regular trainings but still want to support the continuing existance of Gallaecia in Armis can become Gallaecia Protectors, donate a small, periodic quantity and acquire the following rights:

  • Acknowledgement in our website (check the footer)
  • The right to attend the yearly Gallaecia organizative meeting and see how your money is spent, with right to speak but without right to vote.
  • The right (if you have been supporting us for more than 6 months) to register for regular lessons without paying inscription fee.

To become a Gallaecia Protector, tell us the name you want us to display in our website and click the following button:

Name to display at our website

Sponsoring entities

Waiting area - sponsors' logos on the wall

Waiting area – sponsors’ logos on the wall

Finally, if you have a bussiness or some other entity with which you would like to support Gallaecia, there are two options:

Beginning with 120 € / year, paid in a single charge, you acquire the right to:

  • Display the name and logotype of your organisation in our website.
  • Display your flyers or a small poster in our physical facilities’ waiting area.
  • Display your logotype, in small size, in our printed advertisements (flyers, posters, occasionally printed press).
  • The right to send a representative, with voice but without vote, to our yearly organizative meeting and see how your money is being spent.

From 300 € / year, paid in a single charge, you acquire the previous rights, plus:

  • Larger logo in our website.
  • Larger logo in our printed advertisements.
  • Logo in our facilities’ wall, highly visible.
  • The possibility to occasionally use our facilities for an activity of your choice, previously agreed with our governing body.

In order to agree on the quantity to pay and the logotype and name we will display, contact us.