Regular lessons

Gallaecia offers regular classes on several combat traditions. Furthermore, we organize seminars and other occasional activities to explore different weapons or fighting schools.

This is our present, regular offer:

jogodopau250Jogo do Pau
Martial art originary from Galiza and the north of Portugal, alongside the Minho river. One of the few european martial arts that remained alive through the centuries.

espadaeborquel250Espada e borquel
Fencing with one-handed sword and fist-shield based on the older HEMA treatise known: the Codex Walpurgis (ms i.33).

espadalonga250Espada longa
Two-handed sword often identified with the late-medieval knights. Born in the XIV century, it spawned a rich tradition that would remain in practice until the the final 1700s.

espadaroupeira250Espada roupeira
The iconic sword of civilians and military of the XVI – XVII centuries, made famous in pop culture  by the musketeers and iberian swordsmen of the Baroque.

Check each weapon’s separate page to know more. Check the Schedule page to learn when we train, and what other occasional activities are in our agenda. Check the Sign-up page to know  how to join us.